2018 RLE Historical Society Board of Directors

2018 Rio Linda/Elverta Historical Society Board of Directors

Jason Green, President: (916) 991-1482 -Email: ducks2k@comcast.net

Bob Bastian,Vice President: (916) 206-9281-Email: b.bastian@yahoo.com

Joyce Buckland, Treasurer/Membership: (916) 332-4359 – Email: jkbfa@sbcglobal.net

Nicole Brogdon, Director, Museum Coordinator & Donations: Email: rlemuseum@gmail.com

Shirley Breckenridge, Director & Hospitality Chair: (916) 991-2718-Email: Kevinbreckinridge@comcast.net

Ralph Hants, Director

Barbara Longo, Director: (916) 397-5541-Email: barbara.longo@sbcglobal.net

David Marquette, Director: (916) 991-2600-Email: gbmarket040105@aol.com

Tom Ray, Director: (916) 796-5729-Email: tomsrs95673@yahoo.com

Volunteer Committee Members:

Candace Taylor, Media Outreach: (916) 747-4426-Email: candacetaylor1960@yahoo.com

Noel Wilson, Videographer for Events

Lyn Pitts, Pioneer Memorial Rose Garden: Email: lynpitts@comcast.net

Calling Committee:

Grace Marquette, Calling Committee Chairperson: (916) 991-2600

Volunteer Callers: Emmie Makishima, Pat Hillman, Evelyn Kruger, Barbara Thatcher, Beatrice Lien, Shirley Breckenridge and Elizabeth Frank

Throw-Down Committee:

Jason Green

*Special thanks to Farmer Deno and the Rio Linda FoodSource for your continued generosity!