Please feel free to contact our Volunteer Board Members if you have any questions. Or if you prefer, please fill on the contact form on this page.

For general questions please Email:

Barbara Longo, President: (916) 397-5541-Email:

Bob Bastian, Vice President: (916) 206-9281-Email:

Joyce Buckland,Treasurer/Membership: (916) 332-4359 – Email:

Nicole Brogdon,Director, Museum Coordinator & Donations -Email:

Shirley Breckenridge, Director & Hospitality Chair-(916) 991-2718-Email:

Jason Green, Director & Program Coordinator-(916) 991-1482-Email:

Ralph Hants, Director

David Marquette, Director-(916) 991-2600-Email:

Tom Ray, Director (916) 796-5729-Email:

Other Volunteers Committees:
Jeanne Akins,  Vendor Coordinator – (916) 991-5212 – E-mail:
Emmie Makishima, Calling Committee
Candace Taylor, Media Outreach & Web Updates – (916) 747-4426 – Email:

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