Open House at Rio Linda Prepatory Academy

On April 10, RLEHS had an information table at Open House. This school used to be known as Rio Linda Jr High, but recently began serving grades 5-8. Grades K-4 go to Dry Creek School down the street. image To attract students and parents to our table, image a history quiz was created. Just taking the quiz meant the participant got a piece of candy. image It soon became obvious, no one knew much about our local history. Here are some of the best (or curious) WRONG answers: 1. The Indian group that lived in this area ... the Rio Lindians. 2. The first white settler built a road house in ... 1960 3. Agricultural product which attracted people ... hoc 4. Reason it failed ... muddy ran out/economy 5. Main agricultural business from 1920s-1980s ... golden poppies image Other community groups were invited to come, including the Rio Linda High School Touchdown Club. L-R: Zeph Payne, Allen Smith-Freshman Football Coach, Janelle Bosick, Shirley Smith, Justin Rebec-NEW Head Varsity Football Coach. image image image
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